The First Cervical Vertebrae (C1)

The following picture is an illustration of the first cervical vertebrae -Os Atlas- of a horse. I made this illustration for Veterinary Osteo-Myology Book. In this page, I've tried to make annotations for the illustration, in order to make it easier for the students (reader) to identify the parts of the bone. I use the application (Flickr photo embedding utility) the way Dr. Ismael Concha does (Anatomy Lab., College of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon State University. See his project here).  

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  1. great job doc, i think it'll be more usefull if can work ofline too (y) great job anyway
    1. wow, Thanks for visiting my blog doc agung,
      I'm going to try to do this work with flash, would you help me with this? :D
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